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Logo design has come a very long way from the IBM, UPS, Levi and FedEx logos of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Great logo design is still based on fundamental design principles—type, shape, color, graphic content, tone and balance—but today, our society is a very visual one. Contemporary identity design needs to be much more dynamic and punchy to have any lasting impact.

In general, a great logo must say something about the company it represents, even in a simple type design approach. All elements should be clean, easily read, and very appropriate for the given market and audience.

A great logo delivers a clear, well defined message of uniqueness and individuality. Many times, logos are the first and only impression consumers encounter when they are shopping for a particular product or service.

A great logo must say something about the company it represents. Distilling a client’s persona, mission, or marketing approach into a single gesture or emotion that can be conveyed by a strong stand-alone image is the heart and soul of the logo design process.

Denver, CO
Video Production

Denver, CO
Denver Film Festival

Denver, CO
Sportswear Manufacturer

Boulder, CO
FM Radio Station

Durango, Iowa

San Jose, CA
Software Company

Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado
Association of Commerce and Industry

Dublin, Ireland
Potato Products

Sunnyvale, California
High-end Staircases

Highlands Ranch, CO
IS Training and Consulting