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When it comes to web design, the key word is design! All the bells and whistles in the world won’t save a poorly designed site. It takes innovative, intelligent design to fully realize the marketing power of the web.

You hire a design studio for the rest of your advertising graphics, why not your website? When you’re ready to make that important leap onto the Internet, Art Works Studio will be there!

What Makes a Great Website?
Above all, a website has to function correctly. The HTML, graphics, JavaScript, CGI, forms, etc. must be seamlessly integrated and display properly on a wide range of computer systems and browser software.
Designing for the web requires expert knowledge of several programming languages and an ongoing commitment to education in order to stay current in this exploding field.
True interactivity requires both client-side and server-side technology. All forms, search functions, e-commerce services, etc. must be backed up by extensive CGI scripting and database integration.
A website must contain relevant and useful information. This requires careful consideration of your target market and the specific goals you wish to accomplish.
Through careful content planning throughout the site development process, we can avoid the costly re-design that so many sites go through.
Exciting and effective graphic design is the element most often missing from today’s websites. It takes a strong foundation in traditional design, combined with a firm grasp of emerging technologies, to produce the powerful marketing tool that a well designed website can be.
While it is true that many of the page layout techniques used in print design are difficult or even impossible to re-create in a web page, the principles involved are still entirely valid and relevant.
Marketing design has been evolving for hundreds of years, it would be a mistake to disregard that established history when designing for this new medium.
Preparing high-quality, fast-loading graphics for the web involves a combination of experience, talent and the very latest software tools.
Search engines are responsible for the vast majority of all Internet traffic. A comprehensive program of submissions and updates is required to achieve and maintain a high profile for your new website on all of the major search engines.
Other promotional strategies include the coordination of your website with other printed materials, link exchange programs, and industry-related professional organizations.
E-commerce Solutions From Art Works Studio

We now offer complete, fully customizable e-commerce solutions for your on-line store! Including database driven catalog, shopping cart, and secured transactions. For more information see our E-commerce Solutions white paper.

Website Design FAQ

For our answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about website design and management, see our Website Design FAQ.

Web Design Portfolio
Airmail Greetings
Airmail Greetings

Joe launched his aviation greeting card company in 2008. He has expanded to include coffee mugs, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc., all featuring his world-class aviation art, and all available online through a DuckBytes powered e-commerce website.

Tuskegee Top Gun
Tuskegee Top Gun

James H. Harvey, III was an original Tuskegee Airman who flew P-51 Mustangs with the 332nd Fighter Group during WWII. He then went on to fly F-86’s and other jets during the Korean Conflict. In 1949 he was one of three Primary Members of the 332nd Fighter Group Weapons Team that competed in the “First Ever” USAF Weapons Meet at Las Vegas Air Force Base. They won that event becoming the “First Top Guns.”

This website is an important educational resource detailing the history of the Tuskegee Airmen, as well as providing the only place to purchase one-of-a-kind collectible merchandise.

War Eagles Air Museum

This truly outstanding air museum in Santa Teresa, NM offers one of the finest WWII and Korean Conflict era warbird collections in the country. After visiting them in October of 2000, we offered to donate our services to them in developing what we feel is one of the finest aviation websites in the world!

For this site we developed a rather extensive “backend” which allows the museum staff to update their exhibits and manage the guestbook and links pages without our help. We are also in the process of developing a custom Photo Search function that will allow scale modellers, researchers and general aviation enthusiasts to find specific photos of aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.

Eighth Air Force Historical Society, Colorado Chapter
Colorado 8th Air Force

The purpose of the Eighth Air Force Historical Society is to perpetuate the history of the Eighth Air Force and to honor the memory of their lost comrades. As part of this purpose, the Historical Society strives to promote programs that will educate the public about the sacrifices all members of the Eighth Air Force made toward preserving the precious freedom the United States and the free world enjoy today.


We designed the logo and website for this Internet-based budgeting software company. This site needed to be both fast and very high-tech.

Spa Centre, Inc.

This Denver company offers the finest in new and reconditioned spas and hot tubs. We designed their website with bright, friendly colors and an original illustration that represents the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of their product line.

Due to the constantly changing inventory, we developed a database-driven “back end” to their site which allows them to update their catalog pages themselves.

Thomas Ravin, M.D.
Tom Ravin, MD

This warm and inviting medical clinic website was carefully developed for Thomas Ravin, M.D. and his Denver based Prolotherapy Clinic. Dr. Ravin first approached Art Works Studio to produce the dynamic cover art for his upcoming medical textbook Principles of Prolotherapy, the first major textbook on prolotherapy, published in 2008. Tom contacted us after first being introduced to our print work featured in the “Photoshop Studio Secrets, 3rd Edition” computer graphics textbook.

As fortune would have it, on top of producing both Tom’s original book cover and website for his medical practice, Jones worked to instruct Dr. Ravin on a weekly basis for over three year while training him from the ground up to master the graphic skills necessary to produce his own medical, “cut-away” illustrations for his book. Learning to become not just proficient, but highly skilled in multiple advanced design and 3-D graphics software programs to produce top level medical illustration was a challenge that Tom took on with a passion. Through his extraordinary focus and discipline, Dr. Ravin produced over 100 stunning original anatomical illustrations now featured throughout his new critically acclaimed textbook.

We have nothing but the utmost respect for this fine leading physician, and now brilliant computer artist. We salute you Dr. Tom!

Tutorials and Demonstrations

Bruce Quackenbush has launched his new website dedicated to offering both stock and custom CGI scripting for all of your website needs. Visit now!